Healthy Hair, Happy Life: Maintaining Your Natural Hair While Wearing Extensions.

Healthy Hair, Happy Life: Maintaining Your Natural Hair While Wearing Extensions.

Hair extensions are an investment that should enhance your overall look while maintaining your natural locks. 

We've created a quick guide to assist with maintaining your natural hair and your hair extensions. With these 10 simple steps, you can keep your natural hair thriving while wearing extensions and keep your tresses looking fabulous.

Whether you're a seasoned extension-wearing veteran or a newbie to the game, this guide will help you retain length, avoid breakage, and promote growth.

So grab a paddle brush, your favorite essential oils, and let's get started on this hair journey together!

Here we go:

1. Choose the Right Extensions: Always opt for high-quality hair extensions (like Treasure Tresses) that match your hair texture, color, and type to prevent breakage and damage to your natural hair. We only offer raw hair extensions, which is less prone to tangling and matting.
2. Detangle Your Hair: Use a wide-tooth comb or brush to gently detangle your hair before and after wearing extensions to prevent breakage and minimize shedding.
3. Shampoo and Condition Your Hair: Shampoo and condition your hair regularly to remove dirt, oil, and buildup. Use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners to avoid stripping your hair of its natural oils. Apply a deep conditioning treatment once a week to nourish and moisturize your hair.
4. Protect Your Hair at Night: Tie your hair in a loose bun or braid before going to bed to prevent tangling, breakage, and friction. Use a satin or silk bonnet or pillowcase to protect your hair from moisture loss and damage.
5. Use Heat Protection: Avoid using heat styling tools on your hair while wearing extensions, but if you must, apply a heat protectant spray or serum to minimize damage.
6. Avoid Unnecessary Tension: Avoid tight styles that can pull on your hairline or cause tension on your scalp. Ponytails are an easy but they are a high-tension style that should not be a go-to option. All things in moderation. 
7. Apply Natural Oils: Apply lite natural oils like jojoba oil, and avocado oil to your scalp and hair to nourish and moisturize them without the concern of weighing down your hair or the extensions. Use a dropper to apply the oil directly to your scalp and massage it in.
8. Use Heatless Styling: Opt for heatless styling options like: flexi-rods, foam rollers, or tension rollers to reduce the possibility of heat damage on your hair and prevent breakage.
9. Trim Your Ends: Trim your hair ends every 6-8 weeks to prevent split ends and breakage. Use sharp scissors to cut your hair, and only cut the damaged or split ends.
10. Remove Your Extensions Carefully: Remove your extensions carefully and gently to prevent damage to your natural hair. Scheduling your salon appointment in advance to remove luxury extensions like micro-links will prevent breakage through user error.


There you have it, ladies! Ten simple steps to maintaining your hair while wearing extensions, keeping your locks healthy, happy, and full of life. With a little bit of TLC and some natural remedies, you can rock those extensions with confidence, knowing that your natural hair is getting the love and care it deserves. Here are some of our favorite products that will keep you slaying with hair as long and luscious as your heart desires.


Product Recommendations:

  • Shampoo: Kenra Platinum Luxe Shine Shampoo
  • Conditioner: Kenra Platinum Luxe Shine Conditioner
  • Deep Conditioner: Kenra Nourishing Masque
  • Heat Protectant: CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray
  • Natural Oils: Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil
  • Detangling Leave-in: Kinky Curly Knot Today
  • Edge Gel: Pattern by Tracee Ellis Ross


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